There Are Only Two Classes: Producers and Parasites

White males are always looking to oppress women, according to feminist theory. In order to combat this notion, women must first organize and pass legislation to “level the playing field”.  Unfortunately, in order for many college students to graduate, they are compelled to sit through at least one class with an (Marxist) emphasis on gender, race, and ethnicity.    Now, most of us are fully aware that women were an oppressed group throughout a large portion of American history but I really don’t understand how you can make some of these rash generalizations in the first place.  First, it was a small group of men closest to the State who was able to institutionalize their own prejudices.  It already seems silly to say that all men were and still are out to oppress women.  Second, I don’t know how one could possibly know what is “good” for all women since each individual woman has different preferences.  Is it fair for a female CEO to be forced to pay for the maternal leave of her employees? Is it fair for her to pay for their contraception?  Of course not! The feminism preached from the classroom has nothing to do with empowering women and everything to do with wealth distribution. In a nutshell, it is socialism in plain view.  Still, I have yet to hear about the mechanism oppressing not just women but everyone else.

The State is the great oppressor that institutionalizes all forms of injustice.  The Independent Institute blog recently published this piece on how American students are forced to focus on issues relating to class, gender, race, and ethnicity while the notion of State power is put on the back burner.  This is because the State has monopoly over education and it wouldn’t want its pupils to question its authority.  They would rather have groups; based on characteristics they are born with, fighting with each other than having the masses come to the realization that only two groups in society truly exist; the producers and the parasites.

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